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Nicholas Mayfield & the Streetwear New Wave

Los Angeles Fashion Week showcased so many unique designers this year as it came back for the first time since 2019. It's been one month since LAFW and one designer closed LAFW and stuck out above all. Nicholas Mayfield with his line ‘Nicholas Mayfield Over Everything’ ended the event with such a positive note. Not only were his designs unparalleled but there was a hidden standard that stood above all… there wasn’t one.

Mayfield amplified the fact that we are all united, we are all equal and we all have pain. No one person is better than the next and the uniqueness that is you is shown through his work and one-of-a-kind pieces. His diverse line-up of models brought a relatability to audience members and a realization of just how beautiful every one of us is. Mayfield grew up drawing comics which is where his distinct hand-painted art stems from. He not only

had clothing and accessories on the runway but also hand-painted furniture. He stated in an interview with Fox LA that he calls himself a “world creator” and I’d, more than agree.

When watching the show, I was blown away at how much fun each model was having…a sense of freedom you don’t always get to see. Each one of them not only had a message that came down with them but also a very distinct walk. Mayfield’s choice of music enhanced this experience with some models dancing and some fully strutting it down the runway all the while viewers sang, cheered and danced along. I felt like I had been reminded of something through clothing as an art form that we tend to forget and that’s to celebrate all your differences.

With social media these days we’re always told

what to wear, how to look wearing it and so many things that can make us lose who we truly are. Mayfield’s designs truly inspired myself as I’m sure many others to love yourself and your neighbor as humanity is to be celebrated.

This creator is not only originating worldly streetwear but spreading the celebration of humanity and how we all can stand together. I can’t wait to see his next line and the amazing ways his designs will

continue to inspire others.

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