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Meet Dom Skinner, the new author whose book is encouraging moving in healing

“I never wanted to tell this story. It had been buried and I wanted to keep it there.” Said 32 year old Dom Skinner.

The story in question, “Let’s Talk: Changing the Narrative and Seeing My Mother as Human”, her new book that is available on Amazon. I sat down to speak with the young actress, poet, speaker, mentor, educator & filmmaker, about adding her latest title to that list; author.

Dominique (Dom) Skinner was born and raised in Washington, DC. Her biological father was in Jamaica and her biological mother was struggling to stay afloat with so many children. She eventually would be taken in by her track coach and his wife, her adoptive parents. Dom had every intention to save lives as a doctor. Her path changed courses and sent her down the road of clinical psychology, where she spent years in youth development and mentorship.

When she decided to leave her comfort zone to follow her visions, Dom started her acting journey in Los Angeles, CA.

“Let’s Talk” explores unexpected trials and unconventional love, to show us how forgiving our past and viewing our parents as humans can help us discover our own worthiness. Skinner makes the decision to shift the narrative. Rather than focus on her childhood traumas, and see the honor in her mother’s sacrifices. As a result, she discovered that she was always enough.

Originally focused on effective communications, Skinner didn’t know she wanted to write a book about mother daughter relationships until after she had a vivid dream. At the time her biological mother and her were not in a great place. After much meditation, prayer, and conversations, she decided to move forward in sharing her journey. The story began to unfold with much more ease than she thought.

Phyllis, her biological mother, originally thought Dom only wanted to tell the story to share her abusive experiences. It was hard for her to wrap her head around the most intimate childhood encounters being shared.

I had never apologized to my mother for the way I treated her, in my hurt,” Dom shared.

It’s only recently, she called her mother to apologize in addition to her writing and was able to heal. This was in addition to a beautifully familial road trip that is further explored in the book.

The biggest challenge in the entire writing process was allowing herself to be vulnerable and share her truth without dismissing her mother’s existence. She found herself crying a lot and feeling almost reborn.

With her newly found healing and love of storytelling, Dom has every intention to keep writing if she is called to it.

If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it,” is a quote she admires from Toni Morrison, one of her favorite authors.

There’s room for a possible tv show adaptation that would follow each character finding their way to wholeness, as well as a film on her mother’s life, she exclaimed .

Start looking at the whole story. Me rewriting my mother’s story was me seeing her”. Dom shares.

At just 32 years old, Dom Skinner has accomplished an incredible amount and lived what feels like 5 lifetimes. Perhaps she has her “gang of parents”, as she refers to them, to thank for that. However, she feels she is not at the end of her healing journey yet, she is just beginning.

So often, as a society, we connect and move in our trauma, I think it’s time we connect and move in our healing.” Dom concluded.

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