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Yellow Rain believes in providing free hands on experience and mentorship for young lovers of film who want experience in the industry, rather than fetching a boss coffee. We share our knowledge with you from the programs, lessons, and jobs we have done. We pair you up with specific department or film job, and you can ask all the questions you have ever dreamed of, learn how to properly do that job, and add it to your resume! In the event that we feel you're ready to take on that specific job, once you receive training, we'll even hire you and pay you like one of our own employees! From makeup for the screen, to music, to the writers room, to being a DP, we believe young people should have access to getting their foot in the industry.

Fill out the google form below and submit your portfolio of work(doesn't have to be perfect, we all start somewhere), a paragraph on why you want this, your resume and what experience you think you'll gain.

Open to individuals who are: 

-high school seniors & juniors interested in filmmaking and cosmetology

- recent high school graduates who cannot afford film school or cosmetology school

-cosmetology school beauticians or people with a love of makeup who want to expand their portfolios

-Performing arts majors 


-people interested in film with all levels of experience

All mentees will receive imdb credit on various projects, letters of recommendation and hands on set experience on different Yellow Rain films and multimedia projects. 

You can apply year round, but if you miss a wave, you can be considered for the next available wave.

First wave: NOVEMBER 11th- DECEMBER 30th *application open and close dates*

Second Wave: MARCH 16th- MAY 30th *application open and close dates*


Are you or someone you know are LGBTQ+, MINORITIES, WOMEN, and individuals from LOW INCOME households? If so, you may qualify to have your college application fee waived for one college or program of your choice (up to $100 per person). 

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