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More About Us & the Creator

"The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else, is opportunity" -Viola Davis

Our mission is to tell great, creative, and innovative ideas, while implementing diversity on all sides of the camera. From script to screen, we collaborate with unknown and underrepresented talents, because we know how hard breaking into the industry is. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot. Yellow Rain Productions was founded by Sabrina Lassegue, at 19 years old. As a black woman in film, she believes in doing everything it takes to provide the world with good, meaningful story telling, while providing the representation the world deserves to see. 

Sabrina Lassegue is an actress, director, producer and writer. She trained at the American Musical Dramatic Academy for acting. Lassegue is best known for her award winning short film on human trafficking, "For the Taken".  Excited to create opportunities for other underrepresented creatives, Lassegue launched the company, along with a mentorship program. The company has additional branches, including People You Know(PYK), a networking event held in LA that. connects various people in the industry and showcases their reels and work, to help them get work, while raising money for underrepresented filmmakers.

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